This Month in Marketing: October 2016

Blog by November 8, 2016

1 Instagram is testing a way to shop directly from within the app. We’re anticipating this will mean big changes for the platform, changing Instagram into a shopfront for businesses, and not just an avenue for one-way business to consumer contact.

2Snapchat has long been under the radar for big brand marketers. Young Australian entrepreneurs from start-up company Hismile stated that it’s still a great way to personally connect with consumer and tell stories, however many big-brands have avoided the platform as return on ROI is difficult to measure. However, with the launch of Snaplytics, this could all change. Accurate metrics including open rates, views, screenshots and followers are set to be a part of the analytics processes.

3Facebook seems to have a few big changes on the horizon that will effect how newsfeeds operate. One of the major changes is the introduction of a newsfeed made entirely of video content. Get filming folks!

4 In related news, Facebook announced that their advertising revenue in Q3 2016 was $6.816 billion. This time last year, that number was $4.299 billion!

5Vines have been discontinued, largely due to difficulties in attracting advertising expenditure. Twitter mourned the loss of this short video content provider in the only way they knew how – lots of memes. 

6150 million people use Pinterest every month – a huge 50% increase from last year. These figures have been shared as Pinterest tries to gain advertising expenditure across their platform.

ExclamationMarkNext time you take to the sky, take a second to notice how your experience is branded. As part of Qantas’ rebranding, the flying kangaroo will now feature on the inside of the wing tips, so that when passengers take photos of the planes wings from inside the aircraft, the ‘roo will still be given full visibility. How’s that for brand awareness!

Image: Shutterstock