This Month in Marketing: July 2016

Blog by August 1, 2016

There’s officially more days in 2016 behind us than ahead – where is 2016 going?! Let’s have a look at what changes happened in the social media landscape this month.

1Pokemon Go had us running around town trying to catch them all. Wondering how you can take advantage of this craze for your business? Here’s some ideas.

2Twitter is testing a couple of features that can help users get faster and better customer support from brands and business they follow on the platform. This includes a”Featured” tab and “Most responsive between” timings for audiences.

3Snapchat introduced their Memories feature, that allows you to save your snaps and stories in app and upload photos at a later date to your story. How this will affect the “in the moment”ness of the app remains to be seen.

4Find yourself getting bored during YouTube ads? Google has introduced (among other updates) companion banners – “a new interactive banner appearing next to the video that lets viewers scroll through products while the video is playing next to it”. Here’s some more updates.

5Always thinking globally, Facebook has begun testing video downloads for offline viewing, to allow users to download video while online on good internet connections and view at a later time without using more data – a lifesaver for places like India where there can be huge discrepancies in connectivity.


Periscope has updated the functionality of their app, with the introduction of Highlights (a short trailer), embedding (through embedding the accompanying tweet) and live auto-play from the Watch tab.


Tumblr sets a great precedence for those who have built large followings on their site over the years. As they roll out ad placements on the 300-million-plus blogs on their platform, Tumblr will pass on some of the dollars generated from ads to those creating the content. While we’re not clear on the split of revenue, it’s a big step in the right direction.


With Instagram for Business now widely available, here’s some simple steps to follow to set up and operate your business profile from within Instagram.

ExclamationMarkAs one Twitter user remarked, Kim Kardashian’s take down of  Taylor Swift on Snapchat was “… (our) generation’s moon landing”. Here’s the in depth analysis that you didn’t know you wanted to read into how Kim’s social media strategy was more effective than Taylor’s out-of-touch response.

Image: Shutterstock