Thirty-one of Australia’s brightest high school scientists and mathematicians have won selection to represent Australia at the UNESCO-sanctioned International Science, Informatics and Mathematical Olympiads – the world’s toughest maths and science competitions for teenagers. They will compete against more than 2,000 of the world’s brightest students.

The young Olympians will receive their Australian team blazers, and hear from the Minister for Industry and Science, Ed Husic, and Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, at an official team announcement ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra, on Monday 20 June. Media are invited to attend.

The selected students represent 23 schools from the ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. They have spent a year participating in exams and intensive training to make the cut. The students have succeeded against more than 20,000 other students in extension programs and qualifying exams, competing against a shortlist of 237 to attend specialised training for ultimate selection of the teams.

This year’s teams include Australia’s first student to achieve the top overall score at the Asian Physics Olympiad, who beat more than 200 competitors from 28 countries, and a Year 8 student from Melbourne who has outperformed senior high school students to represent Australia in mathematics. Grace Chang Yuan, a Year 12 student from Methodist Ladies’ College in Victoria, has also been chosen for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) after scoring a gold medal and ranking sixth in the world in the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad held earlier this year.

Locally, two Canberra students are part of the Olympiads teams, with students from Narrabundah College and Merici College.

Year 12 student, Fredy Yip, from Knox Grammar School in Sydney (and 2020 IMO gold medallist), won the recent Asian Physics Olympiad with a gold medal and the top overall score of 47.6 out of 50. He said, “I am delighted that my passion for physics has been recognised and I hope my achievement will inspire other students.”

Year 8 mathematics team member, William Cheah, from Melbourne’s Scotch College is the youngest member of the IMO team and has been in the Australian Maths Trust’s Olympiad training program since he was in Year 5. He sat the Year 7 level of the Australian Mathematics Competition when he was in Year 4, receiving a gold medal.

“It is an exciting opportunity to represent Australia at the IMO, and I look forward to meeting inspiring students from around the world,” William said.

The mathematics team will travel to compete in the IMO in Norway – the first time a team has travelled internationally since the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The science and informatics Olympians will compete in online exams and challenges supervised at approved competition venues in Australia.


Debra Maynard on 0407 299 007 for the Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics Olympiads.

Threesides Marketing Lauren Griffiths, 0417 409 264, for the Mathematical and Informatics Olympiads.

Also contact: Abra Pressler on 02 6125 6282 for International Science Olympiad enquiries.                                                                                                                             


Olympiad programs are funded through the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. Additional support for the Science Olympiads comes from the Australian National University. Optiver is the National Sponsor of the Australian Informatics and Mathematical Olympiads.

Australia’s International Science and Mathematical Olympiads programs are run by the not-for-profit Australian Science Innovations (biology, chemistry, Earth science and physics) and the Australian Maths Trust (mathematics and informatics).

The Australian team members for the 2022 International Science and Mathematical Olympiads are as follows:

International Biology Olympiad

10–18 July

Koen Dubrow                            Year 12             Ivanhoe Grammar School                                  VIC

Douglas Joshi                           Year 12            Balwyn High School                                          VIC

Quinton Nguyen                        Year 12             Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School           VIC

Chi Chi Zhao                             Year 12             St Peter’s Collegiate Girls School                       SA

International Chemistry Olympiad      

10–18 July

Daniel Wang                             Year 12             Baulkham Hills High School                               NSW

Kevin Wang                              Year 12             The Kings School                                              NSW

Kerui Yang                                Year 12            James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW

Owen Yi                                   Year 12             James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW

International Earth Science Olympiad

24–30 August

Adrian Lehane                           Year 12             Narrabundah College                                         ACT

Jacinta Rees                             Year 11             Meriden School                                                 NSW

Sean Roe                                 Year 11             John Monash Science School                           VIC

Lauren Singh                            Year 11             Alstonville High School                                      NSW

Georgia Tonkin                          Year 12             Merici College                                                   ACT

David Wang                              Year 11             Brisbane State High School                               QLD

Edmond Wu                              Year 12             Knox Grammar School                                      NSW

Jonathon Zhong                        Year 10            James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW   


International Olympiad in Informatics 

7–15 August                

Joshua Chen                             Year 12             Christ Church Grammar School                         WA

Jerry Zirui Li                              Year 11             James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW

Evan Lin                                   Year 11             Melbourne High School                                     VIC

Arthur Sun                                Year 11             Scotch College                                                  VIC

International Mathematical Olympiad 

6–16 July

William Cheah                           Year 8              Scotch College                                                  VIC

Sizhe Pan                                 Year 11             James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW

Zian Shang                               Year 11             Scotch College                                                  VIC

Christopher Tran                        Year 11             The University High School                                VIC

Tony Yuzheng Wu                     Year 12             Killara High School                                            NSW

Grace Chang Yuan                    Year 12             Methodist Ladies’ College                                  VIC

International Physics Olympiad

10–18 July

Lydia Colla                                Year 12             Loreto Kirribilli                                                   NSW

Austin Lin                                  Year 12             Barker College                                                  NSW

Vincent Ng                                Year 12             James Ruse Agricultural High School                 NSW

Tianxia (Thomas) Qiao              Year 12             Carey Baptist Grammar School                          VIC

Fredy Yip                                  Year 12             Knox Grammar School                                      NSW

Learn more about the Australian Science Olympiads at: www.asi.edu.au

Learn more about the Mathematical and Informatics Olympiads at: https://www.amt.edu.au/olympiad-programs