Stonehenge Beltana works hard to assure the health and safety of all customers in light of possible asbestos contamination in cottage mulch

mediawire by February 21, 2024

Local Canberra landscaping and garden supply centre located in Pialligo, Stonehenge Beltana Garden & Landscaping Centre, is working around the clock to assure the health and safety of all customers in light of the possible asbestos contamination in cottage mulch.

Mulch was supplied to Stonehenge Beltana, Pialligo ACT, by a wholesaler who purchased it from the same supplier that has been implicated in supplying bonded asbestos contaminated mulch across Sydney.

Stonehenge Beltana received confirmation of a positive test received from WorkSafe ACT 4.52pm Tuesday 20 February 2024. WorkSafe ACT prohibition notice was received 5.31pm Tuesday 20 February 2024.

“It should be assumed that all sales of Cottage Mulch during the notifiable period may be contaminated with asbestos,” said Jack Amey, General Manager, Stonehenge Beltana.  

“We are confident this is affecting less than 60 customers across trade and retail over the period, and we have today notified all our customers who did purchase the product that we had details for.

“It’s also important to remember that contamination is a possibility at this stage, and we do urge any of our customers who have purchased Cottage Mulch, to follow the instructions from WorkSafe ACT which is to not disturb or try and remove it, and to isolate it so far as is possible, then contact WorkSafe ACT for assistance with identifying and remediating.

“If a customer of ours is unsure about the type of mulch they’ve purchased or the timing of said purchase, we also urge them to contact WorkSafe ACT via their website or access Canberra,” Jack continued.

Jack continued by saying that Stonehenge Beltana is working closely with WorkSafe ACT and the Environmental Protection Authority to minimise any risks and overall, to protect the health and safety of all Canberrans. This does not relate to the loose fill (friable) asbestos contained in Mr Fluffy homes, which poses a far greater health risk compared to bonded asbestos which is mixed with cement or resin to keep the fibres in place.

“Stonehenge is committed to our customers’ and staff’s health and safety. We understand this may be a stressful time for some people, and we reiterate we are doing everything we can to alleviate current concerns. We have sectioned off the affected Cottage Mulch remaining onsite until it can be removed safely. And we are currently testing for any possible cross-contamination in line with safe and responsible business practices. Pialligo continues to welcome customers safely,” Jack concluded.

Anyone with concerns about purchasing or possibly purchasing potentially contaminated Cottage Mulch is urged to contact WorkSafe ACT directly on or via Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

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