MEDIA RELEASE – 27 May 2010

 Highly acclaimed cook, restaurateur, food writer and champion of the quality and diversity of Australian food, Stephanie Alexander, will this weekend pop in to the Capital Region Farmers Market as part of her visit to Canberra for the Slow Food Australia Inaugural National Congress.

Ms Alexander will tour the Market as part of the scheduled highlights for the 80 delegates in Canberra for the Congress this weekend, 28 – 30 May.

“The Capital Region Farmers Market is recognised among the Slow Food community and is considered to be one of the best and most distinctive farmers markets in Australia,” said Peter O’Clery, Growers Representative for the Capital Region Farmers Market and long time supporter of Slow Food Canberra.

“The Market is a perfect match for the Slow Food movement which celebrates the joy of food, the people who make and grow food, and the people that love to eat fresh produce.

“The Market also promotes healthy eating and encourages families to buy fresh, regional produce that comes straight from the farm to the plate,” he continued.

Stephanie Alexander, founder of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, has always had an interest in the idea of the kitchen garden, and how children learn about food. She has been chosen to speak about introducing children to food at the Slow Food Australia Inaugural National Congress, following her tour of the Market on Saturday morning.

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