Media Release – Wednesday 20 November 2013

Saltbush Assurance has just achieved CREST accreditation, reinforcing its position as a leader in best practice ethical hacking.

“Businesses require reliable, professional and the highest quality security testing services. Our CREST accreditation means the services we provide in this area are now recognised to meet a major international standard,” said Robert Winkel, Saltbush Assurance Director.

“We have always been a trusted leader in the areas of penetration and assurance testing and vulnerability assessments. Now our clients can be even more confident that our ethical hacking is to the highest standards,” he continued.

Saltbush Assurance, part of the Saltbush Group, undertakes security testing and code audits for a broad range of clients including Government, Defence and industry sectors. They use ethical hacking to protect their clients from devastating cyber attacks, so as to ensure secure business operations.

“Most businesses want to have confidence that the controls they put in place to protect their systems, websites and so on are secure and working as they should be.

“Many Saltbush clients have made use of our penetration testing to avoid the compromise of sensitive data. CREST accreditation is key to introducing a professional set of standards for information security in Australia,” he continued.

The CREST accreditation means that Saltbush Assurance has CREST qualified staff and meets the criteria to deliver penetration testing services.

“Our clients already have confidence in Saltbush Assurance and what we do, and now with our CREST accreditation, we’re going the extra step,” concluded Robert.


To find out more about Saltbush Group visit www.saltbushgroup.com. CREST stands for The Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers. To find out more visit www.crestaustralia.org


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