Mrs Anna Owen, the Principal of Canberra Girls Grammar School today called on Transport Canberra to release the details of safety protocols in place to manage the safety of minors at transition points on the new public transport network.

Mrs Owen said, “Parents are expressing concern about the safety of their children at transition points on the new network. They are keen to understand what protocols are in place to manage the safety of minors at interchanges so that they can pass that information onto their children.”

“It’s an exciting time for Canberra with the opening of the light rail, but it is also a time of change for parents and their children. Schools look forward to continuing to work with Transport Canberra to support our young people and ensure the safety of school children as they travel to and from their schools.”

“Will there be Transport Canberra officials on hand at each transition point, and will they be equipped with the training to handle any problematic situations that arise involving children?”

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