MEDIA RELEASE – 15 April 2010

 The Capital Region Farmers Market continues to grow and in 2010 welcomes seven new stallholders from the region. The new stallholders are Melinda’s Chicken, Taste of Turkey, Wee Jasper Pasta, Formichi Small Goods, Gourmet Thai, Dream Cuisine and Joshua’s Fault.

Farmers Market spokesperson, Tony Howard, says these new stallholders are offering Canberrans an even greater variety of fresh produce and gourmet foods.

“More and more Canberrans are looking to buy fresh, locally grown produce. With the introduction of these new stalls we are able to offer more opportunities for consumers to buy almost everything they need, under the one roof.” he said.

From its humble beginnings back in 2004 with a mere 18 stalls, the Market now boasts an increasing weekly average of up to 100 stalls and regularly attracts more than 7,000 customers each week. The market began as an opportunity to support local growers and producers and its popularity has created new business opportunities for small business operators. Tony says it’s the market’s reputation that attracts producers and growers from far and wide to exhibit each Saturday morning.

Among the new stallholders, is Melinda’s Chicken from Holbrook who comes to the market once a fortnight. They sell free range chicken products, including whole chickens and a variety of cuts. Owner Melinda Corbett said she’s had a great response at the market.

“There hasn’t really been a dedicated chicken stallholder at the market before, so we’ve had an outstanding response from the customers. We’re usually sold out by 10am and we can’t get the chickens to grow fast enough!” Melinda said.

“Consumers are becoming more and more aware about where their food comes from, and they really appreciate the fact that all of our chickens are free range, there are no cages involved at all,” she continued.

For the full list of stallholders visit http://www.capitalregionfarmersmarket.com.au/stallholders.html

The Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra is a genuine farmers market with stalls offering a diverse range of fresh food and agricultural produce straight from the producer to the customer. The Market is open from 8-11am each Saturday at Exhibition Park in Canberra. All funds generated from the Market are fed back into regional communities and other projects chosen by the Rotary Club of Hall which founded the Market in 2004.

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