Media Release – 20 January 2012

As 2012 gets going, things are certainly in full swing for the local winemakers with bottling taking place of previous year’s vintages and the 2011/2012 season looking good for a premium harvest.

“The 2011/2012 season to date has provided some surprises, but overall, it is looking good for a premium harvest,” said Ken Helm of Helm Wines in Murrumbateman.

“Thunder storms, rain, hot and dry, then cool weather with a green Christmas, and the lowest January overnight temperature on record, have provided Canberra grape growers with some challenges.

“We’re looking forward to some good results despite the difficult weather conditions which also demonstrates that the Canberra District grape growers are good at their profession,” he continued.

Local vineyard, Mount Majura Vineyard, are looking forward to the 2011/2012 vintage but will next week be focusing on bottling some of their 2011 vintages – the 2011 Tempranillo and their own blend called TSG which have both been in barrel for nine months, as well as the 2011 Chardonnay which has been in barrel for ten months

A large professional bottling unit will pull up to the back of the winery, the winemakers hook up the wine, feed in empty bottles and capsules at one end and at the other end arrives wine ready labelled and boxed.

“The mobile bottling unit we use is a very interesting process and is what the majority of local Canberra wineries are using as it’s quite expensive to run a permanent bottling line,” said Fergus McGhie of Mount Majura Vineyard.

“We usually do two bottling runs a year, one in Summer and one in Winter. Now is a great time for us to be bottling as it frees up the barrels ready for the new harvest which we are very much looking forward to,” he concluded.

Helm wines will also be bottling their 2009 Premium Cabernet and Cabernet next week.

Photo Opportunity for media:
What: Mount Majura Vineyard bottling 2011 vintages using mobile bottling unit.
Where: Mount Majura Vineyard, 314 Majura Rd Majura ACT
When: Monday 23 January 2012
Time: 10am
Contact:Todd Wright – 0419 417 024 (on the day only)

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