Media Release – 21 February 2012

The International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral has recently launched a new and innovative social media project, Plot your Pitch, which invites fans to join a global cricket community and take their place within the museum’s new ‘World of Cricket’ gallery.

The museum’s new website, www.plotyourpitch.com, allows both past and present cricketers to plot the location of their first game of structured cricket into the site and share it with their friends and family, encouraging them to do the same.

“Our objective is to map every ground around the world where cricket has been played, and to use the data collected as a geographical and educational resource” said Bradman Museum Curator, David Wells.

The data collected through Plot Your Pitch is then projected in the ‘World of Cricket’ gallery. All of the pitches and their accompanying images and stories can be accessed on a giant projected globe of the world that can be navigated by the visitor.

“Plot your Pitch creates a unique opportunity to view and share international cricketing experiences and contemplate the vast geographic reach of the game,” continued Mr Wells.

Visitors to the website can use the search field to find their pitch, drag and drop the bat icon onto the pitch and add their own personal story which can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

“And of course, Sir Donald Bradman’s details were the first to be entered into Plot your Pitch,” said Mr Wells.
Bradman’s Plot your Pitch entry, of Glebe Park in Bowral from his first match in 1919, can be viewed at http://www.plotyourpitch.com/#pitch=56&story=62

Set adjacent to historic Bradman Oval, the very same cricket ground where the late Sir Donald Bradman honed the skills that made him the greatest cricketer in the history of the noble game, The International Cricket Hall of Fame offers a cricket experience unlike any other in the world.

Plot Your Pitch has been developed by the interaction design company Lightwell and museum designers Freeman Ryan Design. The project has been made possible with assistance from Google Australia.

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