Media Alert – Wednesday 5 September 2012

The impact of technology and science on the lives of Australians will be in the spotlight at the Inaugural CHASS (Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences) Forum to be held at the University of Canberra on 24-26 September 2012.

“With rapidly developing technologies and scientific research changing the way we live our everyday lives, it’s vital to support and invest in our knowledge of the human experience,” said CHASS President, Professor Sue Willis.

“This exciting forum is an opportunity to learn from and engage with the latest thinking from Australian and international experts about the human dimension and how it integrates with technology, science, arts and society. From ‘what makes us human?’ to ‘who decides the public good?’, the forum addresses big questions on issues of national and global significance,” she said.

Highlights of the forum include:

  • Keynote international speaker Lars Klüver (Director – Danish Board of Technology), who will address the human and social dimension of technology and innovation;
  • Keynote international speaker Harsh Shrivastava (Consultant – Planning Commission, India), who will highlight the role of humanities, arts and social sciences in better policy making;
  • A session on Australia in the Asian Century, which will address issues of our national identity and relationships with broader Asia;
  • An examination of what makes us human and the merging of technology and the arts; and
  • A session on academic research and its integration with public policy, particularly when it comes to controversial issues such as climate change.

A who’s who of social commentators and industry experts will be speaking  at the forum, including Joe Hildebrand (journalist and public commentator), Waleed Aly (broadcaster, author and academic) and Dr Marcus Hutter (Professor for Artificial Intelligence, ANU).

“We look forward to bringing together these diverse areas of knowledge to identify common themes and issues for public advocacy, as well as showcasing the achievements and advances made by these increasingly important disciplines and practices,” Professor Willis concluded.


 What:                   The Human Dimension – Inaugural CHASS National Forum

Where:                University of Canberra

When:                  24-26 September 2012

Cost:                      Varies – see website for details

Web:                     http://www.conferenceco.com.au/chass/Index.html

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