MEDIA KIT – September 2009

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a pain and body management technique that is being used by many Australians and pain sufferers world wide.

AT was originally developed in Australia in the late 1800s by actor Frederick M. Alexander as a response to chronic hoarseness and breathing difficulties. The Technique involves recognising and reducing inefficiencies and strain in movement, learning to sit, stand, and move more efficiently. It is a unique and practical method of becoming aware of how we use our minds and bodies.

This media kit aims to highlight the Alexander Technique and how it is used in people’s everyday lives. The kit also provides background on Freedom in Action, a Canberra-based Alexander Technique practice and provides in depth detail around three specific issues.

Please find enclosed in this Media kit:


  • Freedom in Action Business Backgrounder
  • Alexander Technique Backgrounder
  • British Medical Journal article

Included in this kit are three media releases that include topic specific information for: 

  •  Media Release #1 – Corporate / workplace angle
  • Media Release #2 – Sports angle 
  •  Media Release #3- Women’s angle
For  the full media kit, more information, articles or interviews, please contact Michael Stenning, Freedom in Action, via the details below


Freedom in Action

Phone/Fax (02) 6249 8582

Mail PO Box 43 O’Connor ACT 2602

Email [email protected]

For More information on the Alexander Technique can be found at www.freedominaction.com.au or www.alexandertechnique.com.au


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