Canberra’s Underground Spirits, which has halted spirits production and spent the last month making hand sanitiser for use by frontline medical staff in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, has today announced an entirely new business arm –  AUS, made by Australian Underground Spirits – offering hand and home sanitising products for the public.

The products are Australia’s first Canberra-made sanitisers and are the first guaranteed supply to the general public.

And through a further innovation – Canberra will be opening its first ‘drive-through’ sanitisation station with the Canberra Region Visitors Centre repurposing their team and centre to support this project on behalf of the ACT Government.

Visit Canberra’s Director, Jonathan Kobus, welcomed the move, urging Canberrans that even though Covid-19 cases have ceased in the capital and some social distancing restrictions have been eased, now is not the time to cease hand sanitising.

“Canberrans have been crying out for hand sanitiser during this crisis. And it’s great to see that every Canberra household now has access to be able to purchase their own supply thanks to Underground Spirits.,” said Visit Canberra’s Director, Jonathan Kobus.

“Hand sanitiser will be part of the ‘new normal’ as we work towards keeping the virus at bay through hand and home sanitising.

“To see a local business be able to change focus so quickly at such a needed time really shows that our entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Canberra.

“Their production started by helping the ACT Government and our hospitals and frontline teams, and now their increased production will help ensure long-term supply to our community” Mr. Kobus continued.

“We have pivoted our business. We have scaled our operations and are now in a position to directly help all members of the community we are a part of. With that same energy, as we keep running towards problems to solve, we have researched across industries to find the best methods, solutions to bring you an up-to-date cleaning scheme appropriate for the Covid-19 crisis,” said Underground Spirits’ owner and Head Distiller, Dr. Toby Angstmann.

Over the last month, Underground Spirits has made tens of thousands of litres of hand sanitiser which has been distributed via the ACT Government and other organisations to ensure that frontline medical staff are serviced during this critical time as shortages were apparent. Toby says they have been overwhelmed with requests for hand sanitiser from the general public which, up until now, they have been unable to facilitate.

“Our new system sits under a new extension to our business – made by AUS. This system is wholly Australian made and follows the Department of Health guidance for appropriate cleaning in these current times,” said Dr. Angstmann.

The three new products are mediSPRY – a hand sanitiser that is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi and is available in a one-litre bottle; mediVIRTUE – a 70% denatured alcohol surface solution available in a 500ml bottle; and mediMOXIE – a chlorine based cleaning solution for use at home.

AUS MediSPRY, MediVIRTUE are available now, with MediMOXIE coming soon. Canberrans can buy 1 litre bottles of mediSPRY direct from the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre Monday to Friday, by calling ahead on (02) 6205 0044. Call upon arrival for tap and go payment with Visitor Centre staff who will bring the product direct to your car.

Weekend purchases can be made at the Capital Region Farmers Market on Saturday mornings 7.30am – 11.30am, with 1 litre bottles available along with refills if you bring your own 1 litre reusable container.

Orders can also be made direct online at www.undergroundspirits.com.au


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