POP Canberra, Canberra’s fun, lively retail playground which is home base for many Canberra region makers, has just opened its doors to the new ‘POPiverse’ with a fabulously fun shop makeover.

“Canberra definitely punches way above its weight when it comes to fabulous makers, creators and artists, and our community supports them better than anyone,” said Gabe Trew, the young, creative and visionary Founder of POP Canberra.

“We’re really seeing a revival of shop local after a bit of a slump post-pandemic. Canberrans are getting behind local makers in such a big way. And at POP, one single door opens to over 250 local makers – it’s like a portal into a local shopping experience that celebrates local, handmade, artisan products that are made in the Canberra region,” Gabe continued.

What originally started out as a list of 40 creatives, has in five years grown to over six times the size. And Gabe’s been busy of late with the store just closed for a week for a fun makeover. Gabe says they wanted to make the store the most fun experience anyone could have in a shop.

“We’ve always been loud and proud, and our space has just had a glow-up to make it even brighter, more vibrant and a more fun place to shop,” said Gabe.

And yes, there’s hot pink floors! And sunny yellow walls adorned with fun illustrations, cute themed displays, and an earring wall like no other. The mural at the shop’s entrance features a bright red heart with a face that’s vomiting rainbows onto the newly painted floor, with the words SHOP LOCAL emblazoned for all who enter. It’s visual overload, the only choice is what to look at first.

“Yes, we’re all about having a bit of fun, life’s too short. And we’re also about variety, which Canberrans really love. We have 2500 types of earrings, but we’re not a jeweller. We’ve got 45 wineries and distilleries, but we’re not a bottle shop. And we’ve got 160 artists and illustrators, but we’re not a gallery.

“What we are is a lively hub of over 10,000 individual products, a literal little bit of everything in surrounds that enliven the senses creating a pleasurable shopping experience for all. With the cherry on top being that fact that we’re a home for Canberra region creatives to express themselves,” Gabe concluded.

POP Canberra’s newly renovated space can be found at 27 Lonsdale Street in Braddon. Open 7 days a week, with late night shopping from Thursday to Saturday. For more information on POP Canberra visit www.popcanberra.com.au