MEDIA RELEASE – 4 August 2009

Canberra-based software company Admin Bandit has won US$1,000 on Twitter for BosomBuddies, a local volunteer group that supports women living with breast cancer.

Director Nerida Gill secured the donation on the popular social networking site by entering acompetition run by Kayako, an international provider of online support desk software, whichinvited entrants to nominate a charity to receive a funding boost.

“A number of friends and family have suffered from breast cancer, so this cause is close tomy heart,” Gill says. “Bosom Buddies provides vital aftercare for women who haveundergone painful treatment for a disease that is frightening and often makes them questionwho they are as women.”

As a provider of accounting software to volunteer treasurers in community groups and auser of Kayako, Gill is also pleased to have won funding for an organisation staffedcompletely by volunteers. “Everyone at Bosom Buddies gives their time and energy simplybecause they care,” she says. “This kind of selfless giving is the backbone of ourcommunities.”

Bosom Buddies is delighted with the unexpected windfall: “Nerida’s donation is like arainbow delivering a pot of gold,” says Marilyn Brookes, chair of the organisation’s breastawareness education subcommittee. “We raise all our own funds, which is time-consumingand hard work.”

Brookes says the gift will be used to provide a range of support for those experiencingbreast cancer, as well as their families and supporters, including: education materials, 24-hour telephone support, a one-on-one buddy system, hospital visits, and practical surgeryaftercare in the form of soft prostheses and cotton shoulder bags to hold post-surgery tubes.

Kayako Chief Operating Officer Ryan M Lederman is also pleased to assist such a stronginitiative. “We’re glad Admin Bandit chose to donate their US$1,000 to Bosom Buddies,” hesays. “Breast cancer is a very important problem facing the world today.”

Lederman adds that Twitter was the perfect forum for hosting the competition. “Socialnetworking is hot right now,” he says. “We believe in building relationships that last alifetime and we want people to know they’re our highest priority. Twitter is one of the best ways we know to do that.”

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