They Y Canberra Region together with Bruton Basketball Foundation today brought together all-abilities and youth basketballers to celebrate the inaugural World Basketball Day, which takes place tomorrow Thursday 21st December.

“The Y Canberra Region honours its history, as the YMCA invented basketball in 1891, and today basketball is one of the most widely played and recognised games globally,” said The Y Canberra Region CEO, Kirsty Dixon.

“We are so excited to come together just ahead of the first ever World Basketball Day to not only honour our history of this globally loved sport, but to bring together participants of our RAID Basketball program and participants from our friends at Bruton Basketball Foundation. Our RAID program is run for people of all abilities and those with intellectual disabilities, and Bruton Basketball Foundation delivers programs for young people experiencing hardship or disadvantage throughout the Canberra Region,” Ms Dixon continued.

“Both the Y RAID and Bruton Basketball Foundation created these valuable programs for the youth of the Canberra Region, empowering them and promoting a sense of belonging and comradery through the game of basketball.

“With well-aligned values, both the Y Canberra Region RAID basketball program and Bruton Basketball Foundation foster inclusivity and community, allowing our participants to thrive and really enjoy the game.” Ms Dixon continued.

The RAID program has been running since 1984, in collaboration with Radford College since 2006, and some participants have been involved for over 20 years. With games held on a Wednesday night, the program includes around 30 participants and 6-10 volunteers from Radford College.

Today, both organisations took it to the court at Radford College at this special event to celebrate World Basketball Day, with ‘take a shot’ competition run by Bruton Basketball, two friendly games and an outdoor barbecue.

“It’s been a great opportunity for RAID participants and our community to bring their friends, family and carers along to play a few games of basketball, share some food and stories, and reflect on the positive impact that the game and the program has brought to their lives,” smiled Ms Dixon.

For more information on The Y Canberra Region’s RAID Basketball Program, visit www.ymcacanberra.org.au