Proximity is a professional services organisation providing legal, commercial and governance advisory solutions to their clients.

Proximity prides themselves on innovation and strives to think differently and challenge their client to think bigger while advising on service delivery, business management and staff engagement.

They might be big-picture thinkers but they never forget to dot the Is and cross the Ts. Their attention to detail is on point.

Proximity Triathlon

Canberra’s achievable triathlon assisting men’s health

The 2019 Proximity Canberra Triathlon Festival, taking place on Saturday 9th February, is being billed as Canberra’s most accessible and achievable triathlon, with Canberra based legal and commercial advisory business and major sponsor Proximity, revealing today that the teams entered are from a very broad mix of ability and fitness levels. “We are bringing together……

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Media, PR and Influencers 5

Threesides provides in-house media and PR management services to help you deliver on your publicity, promotional and marketing objectives.  Whether it’s to increase visitation to an upcoming event or to draw attention to a pressing issue, Threesides has the skills, expertise and contacts with media, online bloggers and social influencers across a range of industries,......