Museum of Australian Democracy – Old Parliament House

The Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) at Old Parliament House holds and shares stories of Australia’s social and political history. After the success of the HiveMind collaborative art piece in March 2020, MoAD were to make HiveMind a semi-permanent exhibition at Old Parliament House from May 2021 and required assistance in generating community awareness and media engagement to promote the launch of the exhibition.

Threesides delivered a Media and PR campaign with MoAD, achieving a significant amount of media interest in Canberra and NSW. A highlight was definitely learning about the history of beekeeping at Parliament and bees’ collective decision, working with the Museum of Australian Democracy and award-winning journalist Jan Fran.

Hive Mind at MoAD

HiveMind – new exhibition creates a buzz in Canberra ahead of World Bee Day

Canberra’s latest exhibition, HiveMind: Honeybees, Democracy and Me, launches atMOAD on Tuesday 18th May 2021 and is set to sweeten your day  HiveMind is a quirky look at a little known history of Australia’s federal parliaments –   a delightful story of passion, serendipity and bees. William Yates, a Liberal backbencher in the 70’s, tricked Speaker……

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