Canberra Knee Clinic

How Threesides worked with Canberra Knee Clinic

Threesides worked with CKC to develop their website, and we currently help them run their Google Ads.

In 2020, we assisted the Canberra Knee Clinic in setting up chat agents for their website, running webinars, and worked with our gaphic designer to create a guidebook to share with people who have recently decided to undertake knee replacement surgery. We also spent some days filming at the clinic to develop online seminars that patients can access from the comfort of their home.

About Canberra Knee Clinic

Canberra Knee Clinic (CKC) offers expertise in the diagnosis and management of all conditions affecting the knee.
Whether you are suffering from tendonitis, a meniscal tear, arthritis or a torn ACL, CKC can explain the choices and design a treatment plan tailored for you. CKC places a strong emphasis on up-to-date non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Canberra Knee Clinic were the first and remain the only orthpaedic practice in Canberra to focus on knee surgery and knee replacement alone.

Dr Klar, CKC’s main man, has a wealth of experience and possesses a number of qualifications from across the world. After successfully completing his orthopaedic training in 2002 in Sydney, he went on to complete domestic and international fellowships in orthopaedic surgery during 2003. Dr Klar has worked in orthopaedics since 1997 in various hospitals in Australia, Canada and Europe. He has lived and worked in Canberra since 2002. He has accumulated 20 years of clinical and surgical experience which today benefits the patients he treats.

Dr Klar was the first surgeon globally to complete 350 Robotic-Assisted TKR since its launch in Canberra in May 2019, and has now completed over 750 (at the start of 2021).