Brand Canberra

It’s no secret that we love our city. Which is why we jumped for joy when we were engaged by Brand Canberra (also known as WeAreCBR) to fly the Canberra flag. The aim of Brand Canberra is to celebrate Canberra and its community by creating a strong sense of identity for local audiences… and telling external audiences why our city is the best ever.

Alongside Canberra agencies Content Group and Coordinate, Threesides was appointed to run two parts of the multifaceted Brand Canberra campaign – partnerships and social media.

The partnerships component of the campaign involved our team going out to local businesses in the region and sprucing the WeAreCBR brand. Stickers, badges, bags and kits were provided to all businesses who wanted to join the program.

On social media, we implemented a user-generated content strategy to tell the stories of Canberra from its businesses to its people. Over a year, we grew the WeAreCBR online community by 92% on Facebook, 206% on Instagram and gained a 159% increase in hashtag usage, for a total of 30,000 media using the #WeAreCBR hashtag.

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