Marketing is an ever-changing and evolving industry, filled with exciting new technologies and unexpected trends, so it’s hard to predict what we will see in marketing in 2024. But we have polished off the ol’ Threesides crystal ball and peered into the future to share just some of the marketing trends we expect to see in 2024.  

AI automation will dominate 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in a multitude of ways, but a pivotal tool for marketers is AI algorithms, which meticulously analyse customer data and enable us to deliver highly personalised and timely content that caters to audience preferences and needs.  

Tailoring content to individual preferences and behaviours has been a growing trend, and with the advance in technology i.e. AI, marketers can produce sophisticated personalisation strategies to heighten audience engagement. 

And not to mention that with the event of some of the latest innovations such as Open AI, Copilot, Midjourney and many others, AI can help you get started with some great ideas that can be built on and personalised. 

Corporate responsibility and sustainability 

Corporate responsibility and sustainability will continue to be an important topic in 2024. Brands need to align their values to prioritise ethical and sustainable practices to engage audiences who are choosing to engage and support brands that align with their personal values. Not only this, but the demand for inclusion and diversity will also grow in prominence, further building on recent years of consumer behaviour becoming increasingly selective about the products and services they purchase. 

Data privacy and compliance 

We all know of someone who has been a victim of a data breach in the last few years, so the importance of data privacy regulations in marketing cannot be understated.  

Data privacy regulations are ever-evolving to keep up with fast-moving technology advancements. Marketers navigate a complex landscape of regulations to ensure their practices align with stringent data privacy regulations to facilitate transparent and secure data handling. 

While legislation sometimes struggles to keep up with the latest advancements, more and more we will see the big tech companies implement compliance protocols that will impact marketing. For example, Google and Yahoo’s recent email sender requirements ensured additional protections for a safer inbox and domain authorisations and meant that third parties (such as Threemail) needed to verify additional details in our client’s DNS records. In 2024, expect to see big tech take regulations into their own hands as they seek to protect the data of their members and users. 

Community focus and personalisation 

Content that is community-focused and communicates a company’s values, their stance on corporate responsibility and contributions to local communities will be important for target audiences in 2024.   

Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of engaging their audience on a more personal level. Through channels such as social media, email marketing, and websites, companies are building trust with their audience by being honest and open about their community focuses. 

We will see brands grow through community management this year, with target audiences focusing on having real interactions with their favourite brands. Brands that don’t focus on building communities will miss out on key engagement and growth in 2024. 

Video, video, video 

Video content will continue to be a powerful tool for engaging audiences in 2024. Everything from short-form videos (think Reels, Stories and YouTube Shorts) to live streaming and long-form content will dominate website and social media channels.  

We can expect a wave of visually appealing and dynamic content as brands push to stand out through innovative and unique video content. Not only is this an exciting prospect for marketers who get to be part of new trends, styles and technologies, but audiences will have a front-row seat to exciting, engaging and (potentially) revolutionary content!

If you need to overhaul your marketing in 2024, we can help.