As a business, it’s easy to see every new and popular social media platform as an opportunity to expand your audience and boost brand awareness. However, when you consider the vast differences between various types of businesses and the audiences that some social media platforms attract, it’s clear that a tailored approach and content strategy are essential to success. One size does not fit all when it comes to social media, and not all platforms will generate the same results for everyone.

The power of understanding your audience  

Understanding who your target audience is and what they are looking for is so important when it comes to creating engaging and quality content. By gaining an insight into your target market’s demographics, interests, and behaviours, you can personalise your content to resonate and connect with them effectively. 

And then there’s the distribution to consider. Understanding where your target audience “hangs out” online will guide where and how your content should be distributed. Every social media platform has its own special features and attracts different types of users. By choosing the platforms that match your audience’s preferences and habits, you can make the most of your online interactions and expand your reach.

You don’t have to do it all   

Build a strong digital identity to connect with your audience and promote your business by focusing on the social media platforms that are going to be right for you. Instead of trying to be everywhere at once, strategically choose a few platforms that your target audience prefers, and use them really well. 

Spreading yourself too thin across all available social media platforms can result in lower-quality content and lead to a potentially unclear view of who your business is. Instead, concentrate your efforts on a select few platforms so you can invest your resources, time and creativity more wisely, consistently delivering valuable content to your audience. Carefully select the platforms that resonate with your audience to build a strong brand identity on social media and drive meaningful results.  

Stay true to your brand and be consistent

Having a consistent brand voice and brand personality on social media is vital. It’s one of the most important tools when building a strong foundation for trust and effective communication with your audience. When you’re consistent, people start recognising and remembering your brand. Plus, it helps you stand out from competitors and creates a sense of familiarity. 

When your message is consistent across different platforms, it reinforces your brand’s values and mission. Most importantly, a consistent brand voice makes you authentic and relatable, so customers can emotionally connect with you. This builds brand loyalty and long-lasting relationships, and helps your business grow.

Keep in mind your services, content pillars, customer journey, the language you use, and the overall message you convey. It’s also important to ensure that your visual elements, such as logos, fonts, and colour palettes remain consistent across all platforms.

Three questions to ask before you join a social media platform

  1. Does the platform have a user base that aligns with my target audience?  
  1. Does the platform align with my brand voice and values?  
  1. Will it be realistic to create consistent and effective content on this platform that targets my audience?  

If you answer “no” to any of these, reconsider adding the new platform to your mix, and instead focus on building your engagement on the social media platforms you’re already using.