Now it’s time for a quiet drink…

Did 2020 leave a good or a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe you felt like hitting the bottle at times throughout the year or like some – you found the smarts to cut down your alcohol intake or quit drinking all together.

In honour of this crazy year – The team squeezed their creative juices into the marketing shaker one more time and came up with the ‘2020 Threesides Drinks Guide’. A bit like those primary school cook books you all had to buy, this time only for grown-ups.

Inspiration came from all of this year’s events, great and small, where bushfires, choking smoke, pelting hailing and a killer pandemic all stole the spotlight way too often. But we’re all still here, smiles on faces, families that are safe and lucky to have the time to reflect on a year that nobody saw coming.

Have a read, have a laugh and if you have all the ingredients, have a drink.

Kick back and give 2020 what it deserves….. a big …… Cheers

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