A slow first quarter for online advertising

After a summer of bushfires, the latest Australian Advertising Bureau report revealed digital ad spend slowed in the first quarter of 2020, but is overall up 3.8% on the year. While the report factors in the last week of March when we began to see the effects of the pandemic locally, the current quarter will likely see another significant decline.

In good news, data to date shows advertisers are starting to reinvest as we begin to come out the other side of the lockdown.  

“Content is King, But Context is God”

To use the famous words by entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk. Businesses directly or indirectly addressing COVID-19 have helped to achieve connection and trust. Online retailer, The Iconic, was commended earlier this month for their Mother’s Day campaign acknowledging how parenting in 2020 has presented a new set of challenges.

Restrictions ease but alternative business models peak

Towards the end of May we began to see the light at the end of the social distancing tunnel, but as signs of “business as usual” reappear, others have developed new ways to diversify revenue, particularly in hospitality.

These adaptions could shake up certain industries for good as businesses have expanded outside their physical storefront.

Facebook and Instagram helping small businesses

Facebook has made the transition to online selling easier for small businesses with the introduction of Facebook Shops – a mobile-first shop that allows customers to make purchases without ever having to leave the Facebook or Instagram app. 

Instagram has also introduced new features such as the “support small business” sticker helping businesses reach new customers and stay connected.

Looking ahead

As Coronavirus has dropped from being the most searched topic in Australia after two months, Australians are looking ahead.

Tourism Australia’s Live From Aus and Destination NSW’s Love NSW From Home campaigns are making the most of the social shift, encouraging Australians to dream up their next holiday. Have you got your marketing plan in place for the coming months?  

May was another whirlwind month of change, but we see businesses putting proactive plans in place to combat the effects of mass restrictions. For personalised marketing advice, Threesides is here to help.