You have a million great ideas for content, a smartphone full of killer photos and now you want to engage with your audience on social media. Here are a few ways to grow your social following:

1. Ensure your profile is fully updated

A good profile is a comprehensive one. Populate your profile with all the essential info, including a profile photo; an engaging ‘about’ section; ways to find your business (i.e. website, physical address, etc); and most importantly a way to contact you.

2. Create regular, shareable content

Make sure you’re constantly and consistently creating content on your social media profiles. Users want to be informed and inspired. They will like or follow your page and engage with your content if you can give them these things! 

3. Use hashtags (on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)

Hashtags allow you to be found online. Depending on your product, service or industry, there are certain hashtags that you should use so that your audience and potential customers can find you. Some of the most popular ones in Canberra are #VisitCanberra, #WeAreCBR and #CBR

4. Engage with other users and other pages

Engaging with others online includes liking and commenting on other user’s content, responding to all comments, replying to messages and starting conversations with other active users.

5. Link your social media profiles on your website and e-news

A great way to let your current customers know about your social profiles is to link them on your website and e-news. This gives existing customers an opportunity to receive more frequent updates from you, and future customers another avenue to learn more. You can do so by highlighting it as a feature in your e-news or make the social media links (icons) prominent on your webpage.

6. Join groups with similar interests

Facebook has plenty of online groups with like-minded users who are ready to support you and your business. For example, if you are a photographer, search for relevant photography groups and request to join. Join in the conversation and become an active member of the group. This is done from your personal account, but by showing support to your fellow group members and they will in turn support you and your business too.

7. Create a Page Likes campaign

If you are willing to put advertising money into growing your social media following, creating a Page Likes campaign on Facebook will get you the most bang for your buck. You can set your budget, specify the advertising timeframe and even target an audience to ensure sure your money is being spent to attract the best possible users to your page.

By implementing these tactics and continually creating inspiring content, you really can grow your online following.

Kim-Ling is an online travel influencer with over 30,000 Instagram followers. Check out her profile @travel_ling

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash