We add email marketing to your marketing for seven very good reasons:

1. Email has larger reach

Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users and Twitter, 336 million, it’s tempting to believe that social media has the monopoly on reach but in 2017, global email users amounted to 3.7 billion users.

2. Email delivers your message

With the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook as small as 2% of Facebook fans see your posts without paid advertising but 90% emails will get delivered.

3. Email drives conversions

6x more likely to get someone to click-through to your website via email than you are from Twitter

4. Email has a higher return on investment

Due to the lost cost of email marketing, snail mail cannot compete with the ROI on email marketing.

5. Email is the preferred communication channel

Studies have shown 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email compared to postal (less than 50%).

6. Email is an open platform

Email, on the other hand, isn’t owned or controlled by any one particular entity so you aren’t controlled by the algorithms of social to get your message out.

7. Email will be around forever

MySpace? MyWhat? Unlike many social platforms which have come and gone, email is not going anywhere.