Ah the joys of being professionally photographed – what’s not to love. We’re kidding. Unless you’re a model or a selfie extraordinaire, head-shots probably won’t be second nature to you. Here at Threesides, we recently went through the process of being professionally photographed for our long overdue team shot and profile pics. After a relatively smooth photo-shoot and some great snaps from our friends at Developing Agents, we think we’re pretty well versed in what it takes to be the talent of a good head-shot.

Here are our top tips and tricks for an upcoming photo shoot, plus a couple of behind the scenes images from our own.


Look after yourself in the lead up

This means being well-rested the night before (you won’t want dark circles to be the star of your shot!). Drink loads of water so that your skin is looking healthy and fresh. Work-out in the morning so those happy endorphins make you feel your best. Prepare everything you need for your shoot the night before (outfits, makeup, fake tan) so that when you wake up in the morning you’re all set and ready to go.

Dress appropriately

Think about the style of your workplace and what the photos are going to be used for. These photos are going to last forever, so you want to be your best self! That said, wear plain clothing – not only do patterns look distorted on camera, but they also tend to change in fashion quite quickly. Avoid your photos looking outdated within a couple of months by wearing plain coloured, understated clothing. If you’re unsure, best to check with the staff member coordinating the shoot.

Wear natural make-up

It is recommended to wear more makeup than usual, so that you don’t look washed out, particularly if lighting is being used. On the other hand, busy make up doesn’t always show up well on camera. Wear enough make up that you’ll feel confident in front of the camera and it’s visible, but definitely don’t overdo it!

Modest hair styling

Remember, this is a work photo. Even if your place of work is quite casual, think about where your photo will appear – the website, business proposals, your LinkedIn profile – and who will see it.

If you’re like us, you may intend on having your photos updated annually, but it’s unlikely it’ll happen that way – choose a style that won’t date too quickly.


Listen to the direction of the photographer

The photographer will have received a brief and will direct you on which way to look and most appropriate stance.

Focus on your expression

Make sure your expression is in line with the brief . Usually you’ll have the opportunity for a fun / casual expression and a more professional look. If you’re told to smile, smile.

Choose a pose which reflects you

There are a million poses you can choose from when taking a photograph, so pick one that you think defines you while keeping true to the purpose of the shoot. Threesides is fun and friendly, so our poses portray that sense of fun!

Don’t get flustered

For most of us, staring into a camera doesn’t come naturally however, being flustered and anti photo won’t help you or your look in your photo. Just be yourself, and keep your calm. It’ll be over before you know it!


Let out a sigh of relief and wait in anticipation to see the finished product! We looked like we had fun, didn’t we?!

Take a look at our the Threesides team profiles with brand new head shots.