Hello, Possums! Google’s latest algorithm update has been unofficially dubbed “Possum” and is impacting some Local results and Google My Business listings.

2Disruption industry darling Airbnb have partnered with Qantas, allowing you to earn Frequent Flyer points when you book and stay at one of their properties.  It’s an interesting pairing, but we’re anticipating it will be mutually beneficial, given both companies position themselves as making customers feel at home when travelling.

3It always pays to be polite and thank your new leads or customers online. Here’s some ways you can maximise your thank you page to help increase conversion rates.

4Google’s “feature snippets” are being described as “ranking zero” and frequently result in increasing clicks and traffic on your site. Improve your chances of being featured in these coveted spots.


Instagram continues to move away from promoting posting “in the moment” snaps by introducing their “save draft” feature. Will this result in more considered, beautiful images coming your way? Let’s hope so! (You can follow Threesides on the ‘gram here).


Moderating online communities has been an issue since dinosaurs roamed the planet (I’m not getting my timeline mixed up, am I?). YouTube has introduced their YouTube Heroes program to remedy this issue, which is a “a global community of volunteer contributors that help create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone.”

ExclamationMarkHow paranoid are you about your email address being subjected to a data breach? Here’s a handy tool to know if you’ve been “pwned”.

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