Comic book style woman being indecisiveDecisions, decisions – life is just one decision after another and sometimes you can over think the decision making process and find yourself stuck with analysis-paralysis.  You know the feeling where you can’t even move of the spot because there is too much to think about…

So when I was asked to write a blog post this week, it really came as no surprise that my indecisiveness carried over to this task. In my rush to think of a blog topic it got me thinking about why actually even blog at all? Why bother? Or why blog-ther? (see what I did there?!)

And I’m not alone. At Threesides our clients often wonder why blogging is a worthwhile task. What’s all the fuss about a blog anyway? Why spend your time writing a blog?

The truth is a blog can indeed be a very useful tool. Blogs are wonderful tools for:

  1. Driving traffic to your website – from shared articles in social media, backlinks, track backs from other blogs and linking articles out in your enews. Who doesn’t want more qualified web traffic?
  2. Improving your SEO – search engines love valuable content.  Consistent blogging is great for ‘training the spiders’ that are crwaling the web and feeding them more keyword rich content
  3. Sharing your expertise and knowledge with others – they’ll think you’re pretty smart if you know your stuff.  No smoke and mirrors here – just good ol’ know how and smarts to educate and engage with.

Not convinced? Here’s another six reasons why you should blog:

  1. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and have two way conversations with comments and feedback.
  2. Your content is usually very shareable and can easily be syndicated across your other social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and e-newsletters.
  3. It gives your business a personality and your staff a voice.
  4. Blogging makes you think – who knew I’d be writing a blog about writing a blog?
  5. It’s easy and fast.
  6. It’s fun – it can often be a welcome distraction to more difficult work tasks.

Start giving it some thought, and as you get into the world of blogging for your business you may just find you learn something and you’ll start to see the very real benefits to your business.

Now…what’s the next decision to make…