Did you hear that we’ve moved?  We didn’t go very far – just around the corner in fact, but Threesides Marketing has a new business address – 9/20 Challis Street Dickson.

Once upon a time a change of address would have meant a mail redirection at the Post Office, an update to clients by snail mail and up to a years’ wait to have an address changed in the White and Yellow Pages.  However, due to the advent of all things digital and online, there are now many more bases to cover in terms of updating your business address details.  On the upside, it’s mostly instantaneous and easy to do.

On day one of moving into the new office I developed a list of everywhere I could think of that lists our business address online.  I started with our websites and social media channels (Facebook, Google+, Linked In etc) and rounded things out with our online location and business listings (Google Places, White Pages etc).

They were all done and dusted within an hour or so, and it felt good to know that our digital presence was up to date and accurate.  However, a business address can be a sneaky beast, worming its way into all kinds of documents, presentations, proposals and so on.  So three weeks later we are still updating our address here and there. That’s just the way it is.

We’ve also sent an email update to our clients through our hosted email system, Threemail. The beauty of an email update is that we can include a photo of our new entrance and a link to our updated listing in Google Maps, which provides directions and travel times to our new office. Winner! Check it out here.

If you’re in the process of moving, thinking of doing so, or just generally managing your business presence online, here’s a few tips from us that might make things a little easier:

Tip 1: One email address to rule them all! Using one email address for all business accounts and listings is a simple way to streamline updates.  That way you don’t need to wait for three separate people to give you their login details to make changes to different listings.

Tip 2: Use an online password manager to store your various email login passwords. This way you don’t have to remember twenty thousand different passwords and it’s much easier to maintain a strong password protocol for your various account logins.  Take a look at this recent article in PC Mag on top password managers.

Tip 3: Start with your website and catalogue all the social media sites you link to from your website – start with updating these platforms first.

Tip 4: Get your team on board.  Make it everyone’s responsibility to update the details if someone finds a listing you’ve missed.  Many hands make light work. So we’re in, and getting settled. And hopefully by following these few easy steps we’ve avoided anyone rocking up to our old office and being left lonely and confused as to our whereabouts.  We are loving it in our new digs and invite you to drop in and say hi sometime.

Good luck!