As Twitter announces it’s new and improved layout, Facebook follows suit and rolls out a brand new ‘streamlined‘ Page view.

Shocker, Facebook has changed again.

Facebook is quite the dynamic and fluid organisation, they’re always working on something new and shiny behind the scenes. It does mean it can be tricky to keep up with every round of changes. Lucky for you – we’re all over it.

What does the new Facebook layout mean for me?

Easy access to Admin tools. A new bar on the top of the page brings easy access to Activity, Messages and insights. To check on your ad account, simply click on Build Audience.

Admins can now see a quick overview on the right hand side of the page about the ads you’re running, new likes on your Page, unread notifications and messages giving a convenient and succinct look at the insights and activities happening backstage.

The right side column is a feed of all your status updates. The right side of your timeline now displays all your Page’s posts in a one column display which means all of your posts will appear consistently on your Page and in News Feed.

The left side column is all about your brand. The left column of your timeline features information about your business including a map, hours of business, phone number and website. This will vary depending on if you’re a bricks and mortar business or an online business. Facebook apps are in the left side column and can also be found under the more tab at the top.

Left side column
You can drag to reorder the left side column, but you can’t move ‘about’ or ‘contact’.

Image sizes

Cover photo: 851×315 pixels

Profile photo: 180×180 – displays as 160×160 pixels

App images: 111×74 pixels

The above images have remained the same size.

Post images: recommended upload size is 1200×1200 pixels. It will display as 504 max width, but the actual size will vary depending on type of post and device.

Hot tip: While it’s the norm to use jpeg formatted images online, you can also use png formatted images on Facebook. Png images retain their resolution better than jpegs, which means the image quality can be noticeably better on Facebook.

Is this applicable to me?

When you’re logged into your admin Page, you can request to join the waitlist for the new layout –  it’s just underneath the admin panel.Left side column

The Facebook Page updates are rolling out over the next month or so. Some Facebook Pages have already got the swish update, check out the Facebook for Business Page to see it up and running. However, most Pages have not got it yet – including Threesides own Facebook Page. Rest assured, everyone will receive the update soon!

Facebook image from Shutterstock
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