Do you read Mumbrella? We found a great article published on it that showcased a range of videos produced by a bunch of creative agencies throughout Australia and shown at TedxSydney 2013.

I watched all these videos and for me they were inspiring, conquering video is a goal of mine. I would love to be able to one day create good, innovative and inspiring videos.

Here is one of my favourites from the article, the expressions on the kids faces cracked me up.

Video title – The First Taste

Here is a video I created to showcase some of my Jewellery prototypes for my side business Knave & Fables:

Probably not as inspiring as Tedx videos but I am proud of it regardless. Video content is something I want to get better at creating, I think even the shortest videos can say a lot when produced well.

When we need professional video done  – we go to the professionals….  Here’s one of the examples of a project we worked on with newcast that involved the Canberra raiders and menslink


But if you have the DIY video bug and just need to get started here are some tips for creating video:

1. Make a start – getting started as with most projects your unsure about always is a hesitated step. A good way is to start by creating a plan e.g. Step 2

2.Make a small video plan with what you want to achieve. Include a script if you’re adding a voice and choose some locations that you think might suit.

3. Do some research – I always find saving a bunch of videos on file that you like helps with guiding you creatively, especially when you’re new to this.

4. Once you have a plan get started filming – get the right gear together – you’ll need a camera, some talented people, a script and editing software at the very least.

5. Edit as little as possible – you can always delete and re-film if necessary but getting something captured is a great start.


Good luck with the video production and send me any links of your creations, I would love to see what you have created.

Jonny Day – Professtional Marketer, Amateur Video Producer