You’ve worked on building your email list, you’ve tried a few different ways of improving your enewsletter content but you’re not sure you’re getting the best possible results.  You’ve been analysing your reports and you want more. You’ve been bitten by the email marketing bug.  I know what that feels like.

So here goes.  Here are my Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaign Results.

1.  Create a regular schedule of emails and stick to it so your subscribers know when to expect to hear from you.

2. Get current with your enewsletter content.  Identify trending topics and relate your content accordingly (e.g. a fresh food supplier might send a campaign highlighting the ethical production of their meat during news trends about overseas animal processing)

3. Think about the day of the week and time of day that you send emails and what is likely to work best for your product and customers.  Test the results of changing your send time.

4. Explicitly ask your subscribers to share your campaign or article through their social media channels.  You might be surprised by their reaction.

5. Segment your subscriber lists and personalise your email campaigns for interest or gender or location.

6. Share your campaign to your own social media channels (unless your email subscribers receive exclusive offers).

7. Run an A/B test on your next enewsletter campaign to actually test out some of these things and identify what works for your subscribers.  You can test different subject lines, different enewsletter content and more.

8. Ask your subscribers for feedback on what they want from your emails.  Do they like incentives and special offers, or do they just love those quirky stories or images you sometimes include?

9. Try something out of the box.  I once came across an email campaign from a graphic design business of two people with photos of their personal items which subscribers then had to identify who it belonged to.  It was a quirky way for their clients to get to know them better and they developed at least one new client (me!) through their unique, fun and different approach.

10.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Test, test, test!  The beauty of email marketing software these days is that you can get detailed reports on who’s opening your emails, clicking links, sharing campaigns, and what devices they’re using to view your campaign.  Try new things and look at what works for you and your customers.

Good luck!