So Christmas is coming, you’ve spent all your sweet dollars on presents for your family and friends, and now you have literally just $5 to market your business until the end of the year. What do you do? First thing – DON’T PANIC!

Luckily I have pre-empted this over-spending on pressies and put together five fun, cool and effective ways to market your business and see you out for the rest of the year.

Number One – ‘12 Days of Christmas with (Insert Business Name) on Facebook’

Make the most of Facebook’s scheduling tool and schedule some ’12 Days of Christmas’ themed posts leading up to the big day.  Sure – there’s less than 12 days to go until Christmas now, but you get the drift.

Here’s an example to get you started.

Total cost = $0.00



Number Two – Create a Christmas E-Card and Send it to your Customers

This is so easy to do and costs nothing at all.  Attach a customised Christmas E-card to all your emails between now and Christmas, and use it on your social media channels as a nice festive image.

Total cost = $0.00

Number Three – Christmas Themed Business Cards

Why not mix it up a bit and get 250 Free Christmas themed business cards printed for December?  Just go to Vista Print to redeem the deal. Average quality but as long as they look good – what can you lose? Total cost = $0.00

Number Four – Pinterest Campaign

I recently read a great article by Steve Sammartino on Startup Blog, where he wrote about a Funeral Business that have used Pinterest to market their services.  Yes, that’s right, a FUNERAL BUSINESS.  See link

I thought this was fantastic — why not do it for all businesses?  Let’s use something equally challenging for an example business.  Imagine you are a Plumber  What would you pin…?

Step 1- Choose three things your customers love about your plumbing service

Description Image Example
They don’t have to get their hands dirty on Christmas Day
They avoid BIG embarrassments before the family gets there
Fast and friendly service so they can get the party started

Step 2 – Create a Pinboard for each of these attributes and pin pictures that pair with the themes.

Step 3 – Share on your other communication channels (e.g. Facebook, email and website) and do a shout out to all your customers (i.e. what do you like about our service?). As you could imagine these pictures will get a lot of talk-ability — especially in the context of plumbing — so be playful.

Total cost = $0.00

Number 5 – Get a Christmas thankyou rap made for your businesses customers then send to your customers.

So I’m sure at this point you are all wondering where the $5 is being spent considering all other promotions have cost $0.00.  Well, we are blowing the budget on the last big idea!

If I told you there was a place where people would do pretty much anything for $5 would you believe me?

Well check this http://fiverr.com.  Fiverr is an online space where people have uploaded their unique services for a payment of $5. For example, you could use MrRapper who will happily make you a Christmas rap with brief mix and mastering for only $5. Start Now Here.



Good luck with your marketing on the cheap and be sure to share all your awesome experiences with us at the Threesides Facebook Page

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Jonny Day