Ever wonder why some days it seems that everywhere you look you see the same brand – in the right place at the right time?

Well it’s no fluke and good marketers know there’s existing media hype everywhere ripe for the picking.  Keeping a keen eye on existing media hype around particular themes that relate to your brand and piggybacking
off this hype is a really cost effective way to get your message to the masses.

Over the past three months the team at Threesides has been working closely with the marketing team at NSW National Parks and Wildlife, and their incumbent PR agency Starr PR to roll out a marketing campaign to increase visitation to coastal national parks during a traditionally quiet winter period.

The annual migration of whales from Antartica to
warm water breeding grounds Twitter-#whaleon provided the perfect
platform on which to hook the campaign.  The whales swim right past many of the coastal NSW national parks
gaining significant media coverage as they go, so why not tap into this hype to further the reach of the marketing messages for coastal national parks
and turn the whales into the biggest billboards you’ve ever seen!

So what does an 18metre long billboard with a tail actually look like –  it looks like this:

You didn’t really think we spray painted a bunch of whales with the national parks logo did you?