Todd (and some famous friends) presents a Tourism Award to the team at Mount Majura Vineyard.

Recently we posted about the top ten ways to turn your Awards into Rewards.  That is, how to make sure your award win (or entry) brings maximum benefits to your business.

Part one (which can be read here) covered the first five ways, which were:

  1. Promote yourself
  2. Thank your staff, suppliers and supporters
  3. Tell your customers
  4. Contact the sponsors
  5. Contact other entrants

So what are the other ways of ensuring your award win is the gift that just keeps giving?  Read on ….

6. Get feedback on your entry

Winners, finalists and entrants can all benefit from feedback and if it’s offered, getting independent feedback on your business through an award submission can be a valuable piece of research.

Contact the organisers to see if there is feedback sessions available and make the time to attend one.

7. Provide feedback to the awards organisers

Feedback on the entry process, the awards night and the follow up promotions can be useful tools to event organisers to ensure the ongoing success of the program. If you have something to say – event organisers are always willing to listen to helpful suggestions

  • Make a quick phone call or email to the event organiser with feedback.
  • Complete a feedback survey if one is available.
  • Attach a quick note of thanks to the organisers if you enjoyed and benefited from the experience, it might be their job but everyone deserves to know when they have made a good effort.

8. Look for other awards programs that would be of benefit

Now that you’ve written one award the hard bit is over. Have a look in your industry or in other industry sectors that your business works in and see if there are other awards that would be worthwhile entering. Are the applications similar? Can you use information that you have already prepared for one application as the basis for another one?

9. Consider entering again in the same or another category

Not wining an award is a challenge to become a winner next time. Wining an award is sometimes harder because you not only have to keep up your winning ways but you know everyone wants to beat you next year.

  • Set some goals in your business to create positive action to give you a reason to win in next year’s award.
  • Have a look at the categories and take on the next challenge. You might have been in a new business category this year so next year its business growth.
  • Have a look at previous winners and establish what you think made them award winning businesses and work out what you need to develop in your business to get there.

10. Have fun!

Most award processes have a presentation or ceremony of some kind.  Enjoy these occasions — and congratulate yourself for all of your hard work!  Entering an awards process can be a daunting task, but the benefits and rewards are certainly worth it.

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