canberra-marketing-forumWhat could you say about Social Media in 30 minutes?  Not much and a real lot at the same time.  This was the challenge at the Canberra Marketing and Communications Forum held at the National Press Club in Canberra.  A summary of my top 10 thoughts were:

  1. Open your ears before you open your mouth
  2. Social Media can be measured  – but measuring isn’t sexy right
  3. Privacy still matters – but nothing has really changed
  4. Keep being creative in how you use social media
  5. Who is your target market:  are they digital immigrants or digital natives?
  6. You can spend money in social media – Free is just the beginning
  7. Real Time requires Real Time
  8. You still need a plan and goals
  9. Don’t follow fads
  10. The best social media policy: START

To see the full presentation view it on Slideshare or better yet just view it below!

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