It’s been a long time since i’ve been to Broken Hill so I was stoked to be invited to present a session on building successful tourism brands at the Community Economic Development Conference presented by NSW Government Industry and Investment. We run a lot of tourism marketing workshops for local government and councils across regional NSW so the topic was right up our alley.

Top 5 Highlights of the trip to Broken Hill

1)  Being told by one of my attendees that I delivered the best presentation she had seen at the conference -always great to get a high five at the end of a session.

2)  Meeting ‘Shorty’ in the photo here, a Broken Hill business icon who ran the first mailrun in the region.  Always love a good story of the forging of the mighty outback of Australia!

3) Meeting the Carlton United Brewery rep for the region at the pub next to my motel.  Who would have thought VB was still Australia’s number one selling beer.  You can get it any old how, matter as fact i’ve got it now

4)  Presentation by Michael Pascoe on the media myth of the big bad Australia debt that will plague our kids and kids kids.   Some nice stats Michael, i’m definitely hitting the mall this weekend full of all that renewed consumer confidence you have given me

5) Virtual horse racing during the conference dinner at the Broken Hill race track.  To see everyone cheering home their imaginary horses in between entree and main was gold!

As promised to those of you that attended the session – you can view my presentation here Community and Economic Conference Communities in Transition and remember –

Squeaky wheels don’t build good tourism brands!

Clint Wright May 2010 (have always wanted to quote me somewhere)