Threemos website

Wait a second…. what do you mean we forgot to tell them about our threemos movember effort??

We have a confession to make – we have spent the whole of Movember double dating our website – but we aren’t sorry either….

During november, the threesides office has been growing mo’s to support Movember – the mens health fundraiser for depression and Prostatc cancer. We have dubbed our team Threemos. We have been ‘growing’ all around town drumming up support to try and reach the $1000 mark.  Well as of the 26th Movember we have raised $1445 and we are seeing if we can hit the big $2000 mark now.

So – back to the double date – during Movember we created a mini-site using WordPress, threemos.wordpress.com .  On this site we posted a blog to follow our fundraising efforts and encourage people to leave comments, have been collecting donations and running a poll to see who has the hottest mo.  We have been spending so much time at threemos that we forgot to tell the threesides world what we have been up to.

Well now it’s out – we have gone public with the news and we hope that our website will still love us in December (despite the month of neglect).   We have picked up some great fundraising and sponsorship marketing tips that we plan to share with you in the coming months and tell you how we have made the most out of movember.

But in the mean time – head over to threemos and share the movember love!