We’ve been working on the marketing for an event ‘The Fireside Festival‘ due to kickoff in August 2008. It’s one of those jobs where we’ve been pencilling the events into my own calendar!

Yes Canberra is cold in winter, there’s no denying it but what about celebrating winter through cosy fireside experiences like degustation dinners, winetastings, local artists hosting studio tours and bed and breakfast getaways. That’s how the FIreside Festival came about. It’s been running since 2005 and is held at a number of different venues across the Canberra Region during every weekend in August. Starting with 5 venues the event now covers 24 venues with over 100 events.

Having spent 12months in the northern hemisphere last year and experiencing the Christmas markets of Europe complete with roaring fireplaces and open braziers on every street corner I think this is a concept that will really do well back here in Oz during winter and a great example of thinking outside the square and reinventing your product to create new opportunities.

The new website we’ve developed with Osky Interactive has been launched at www.firesidefestival.com.au

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