E-Commerce Essentials: Setting up an Online Store – Part 2

This two part workshop series is for people with minimal e-Commerce knowledge or for businesses currently selling online who would like to improve their confidence in what they are doing.

Part 1 is an overview of the process of setting up an online store while Part 2 goes in to more detail about each step of the e-Commerce journey. (Attendance at both sessions is recommended but is not compulsory).

Topics include:

  • Comparison of e-Commerce content management systems
  • Payment gateway options and fees
  • Managing customer security and SSL’s
  • Packaging and postage – shipping and fulfilment
  • Returns and customer service
  • Inventory – photos, descriptions and content
  • GST and selling overseas
  • E-commerce marketing tactics
  • Improving ecommerce conversion rates

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare popular e-commerce management systems and payment gateways
  • Identify the steps, tools and security considerations needed to start selling online.


  • 2 Hours
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
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