Kimberley Roberts-Salee

Kim is the newest Senior Marketing Manager to join the Threesides team, having landed in Canberra from tropical Cairns a year ago. With a background in destination and events marketing, and digital communications, in addition to a recently completed Master in Communications. On any given day, you can find Kim putting her strategic and project management skills to good use, writing marketing plans, managing clients, assisting on shoots or drafting online content.

She is currently spending her personal time exploring her still somewhat new hometown, starting with the thriving Canberra food scene, and working off those extra meals with a jog in the crisp (okay, cold!) Canberra air. Kim brings a wealth of experience to the business as well as a funny ability to, on request, slip between her beautiful French-Canadian accent and an unrefined bogan Australian one. Just ask her!

Articles by Kimberley Roberts-Salee

Threesides Team in front of grass for employment

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