Kailey Tonini

Kailey joined the Threesides team as a Junior Client Lead at the end of 2020. With a background in Communications and Public Relations and experience as a freelancer, Kailey brings a strategic communications perspective to her work.

Kailey loves sport, food, and having a laugh- probably at herself. Seriously, the girl has no shame. When she’s not working at Threesides, you’ll find her between the sticks on the soccer field as her team’s last line of defence and first point of attack. If goalkeeping has taught Kailey anything, it’s that the harder you work, the more luck you have.

Born and raised in Cooma, NSW, the best thing about Kailey is definitely her Mum, Penney. The Mother Hen’s baking skills and infectious positive personality have made her the second favourite person in the office (after Britt) and she doesn’t even work here. Can’t wait for your next visit Pen!

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