Felicity Wilson

Like most purebred Canberrans, Felicity, is divided by the northside/southside thing (currently the only Threesider to venture out of the south to come to work) and studied north of the lake at the University of Canberra. She completed a double degree in Marketing Management and Advertising Communications. Felicity’s background in sports, at the Australian Sports Foundation and Touch Football Australia, made Felicity a natural fit to coordinate our health portfolio. When she’s not working on health, she’s writing content for her other two favs – not-for-profit and hospitality clients.

Felicity’s happy place is divided between video production, strategic writing and analytics reporting. She gets a real kick out of asking why? She’s the little voice in your head that is likely to be asking you “Why do you do it that way?” and will be the first to find ways to make your life easier, and even better, automated!

As a cat fanatic and an avid taster of local Canberra region wines, Felicity has the potential to live a very ‘interesting’ life…But don’t hold her love of cats against her – she isn’t a petist and is currently fostering two lush Border Collies that she would love to tell you all about.