Threesides Staff Portraits - Emily

Emily Davis

Emily joins the team of Marketing Coordinators at Threesides. Having recently moved to cool Canberra from sunny Brisbane, she’s having a hard time readjusting to the weather but is certainly keeping our office warm with creative ideas and snappy writing to back them. As a self-confessed “word-nerd” and mad inventor, Emily’s key areas of expertise lie in copywriting and social/content marketing.

Taking a glass-half full approach to every marketing challenge she’s faced with, Emily’s favourite activity is to take a seemingly “boring” base, find a sweet spot, add some extra spice and flair, to then cook up innovative marketing ideas and writing approaches that everyone wants a bite of… After all, our first glimpse into Emily was a resume entirely written in the form of a cake recipe.

Aside from the creative marketing realm, Emily has strong experience in media and public relations, having worked in news production and journalism roles at Sky News Australia, for three years pre-Threesides.

Away from the office, Emily’s time is mainly spent with Pudding. No, we don’t mean she’s constantly gorging on desserts (although she tells us that she’s more than up for that challenge) Pudding is her puppy and Emily loves all things doggo related. On that note, she is known to jump headfirst into activities that may help improve the lives of others, animal or humankind alike. As well as engaging in environmentally friendly activities and initiatives wherever she can, she was a significant contributor in developing RSPCA Qld’s social media presence, hilarious pet-profiles and key adoption campaigns throughout 2018. Emily also has an adoptive “orangutan son” over in Sumatra, who she hopes to visit sometime in the future as part of a forest conservation tour.

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