Claudia Tetreault-Percy

Claudia joined the Threesides team in October 2020 as a Client Lead hailing from the fashion industry, specialising in brand strategy, E-Commerce management, web merchandising and retail as long-time hero for local boutiques and businesses from Canberra to Canada (where she studied in Fashion Marketing). She then went on to apply her skills to brands in the USA. She is working with clients to achieve tiny, medium and big goals with a smile on her face and a can-do mentality.

Claudia loves responsibly sourced fashion, had an extensive run in Canberra musical theatre and runs her own sustainable second-hand business on the side, which means she’s basically always on a laptop, shooting photos, scouring Vinnies and gathering inspiration, at work and out of office. It’s safe to say she tries to do it all, and mostly gets it done; even when the list is long, and the tasks are challenging.

She loves a good charcuterie plate and St-Emilion bottle of red, which compliment her French-Canadian heritage & chronic snacking abilities.

In the office, you will know where she is at any given time by her shriek of laughter. She loves checking in on co-workers, learning about her client’s various industries and getting side-tracked by complimenting people’s outfits.

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