Art Zabalov

Art is our Google Ads Manager with a knack for conversion optimisation and passionate about returns on investment (ROI). He is fascinated by all things PPC (for the advertising novices, Pay Per Click) and is always researching industry news – while slowly exceeding Chrome’s limit on bookmarks. Art manages many of our day-to-day Google Ads setups, optimisations and reporting at Threesides and likes to dabble in the technical aspects of Google Scripts, Analytics and Tag Manager or the creative side, like design. He can be found immersed in analysing our clients’ needs, their strengths and weaknesses and devising a PPC strategy that helps to achieve their business goals.

In his spare time, Art is a Masterchef that likes to experiment in the kitchen, adding a pinch of salt here and a tablespoon of sugar there, until the dishes become either incredibly tasty or completely inedible.

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