Aaron Ridley

Aaron is the Head of Threesides’ Digital Marketing and Design, leading a team of specialists in delivering highly targeted digital advertising campaigns and website projects.

Arriving at Threesides in 2019, Aaron is a design and communications professional who came to us with over 10 years’ experience and a keen skill set matched to working within both the public and private sectors. He also brings business smarts and community development skills to the team, after owning and operating Ha Ha Bar, a popular hang out for Belconnen locals and hub for local artists to showcase their talents.

And as a bonus for our clients, Aaron also has formal training as a designer and extensive experience in developing and analysing digital communication products.

When he isn’t thinking in zeros and ones, Aaron embodies one of two weekend states.. either an electric high. Fuelled by double shots of espresso and resulting in a feverous consumption of the latest blog, ebook, or journal. Or a mellow buzz after one of two transitory activities. Contorting his body at a Pilates session, or interacting with local art and music with a gin in hand.

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