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Websites are complex – no matter how simple they may look on the surface, there’s a lot going on in the background. Hosting, SSL certificates, email delivery, uptime and security vulnerabilities are all very important things to be aware of with your website, but apart from setting it up once, you might not be on top of how it’s performing. Threesides’ website maintenance helps to solve these problems and reduces the complexity of managing your website.

Emails can get lost, forms not submitted, and plugins could be making your site vulnerable to attacks. This impacts your business – in a big way and can cost a lot to fix if you’re not on top of it ASAP. It can be easy to set and forget the changes you make to your site, but updates, spam filters and the general chaos of the internet can break your site.

Matrix cascading code scene. Threesides uses a variety of systems to ensure your website is maintained properly.

Website Monitoring

Threesides’ website monitoring services include the following features.

Off-site Backups

It’s all well and good that your website is backed up – but off-site backups help to ensure that there’s always a historic copy of your site available to restore if necessary.

Uptime Monitoring

We check your site every 15 minutes to make sure it’s accessible and will let you know if the website goes down at any point.

Image Optimisation

Images can cause websites to dramatically slow down – even on fast internet. We optimise your images on-site and convert them to the latest file format.

Performance Optimisation

WordPress websites will typically load a number of different JavaScript and CSS files from various plugins, themes and the core. Choosing whether or not to load these files, and choosing when they are loaded can significantly improve your website performance.

Email Deliverability Monitoring

It’s the worst nightmare of most websites – especially if you’re paying for advertising – to find out that your contact form isn’t sending emails through to you. We set up monitoring on your website to keep track of any emails sent, and whether or not they are delivered properly.

Website Firewall and Login Security

Just like your computer – it’s important to have a firewall to prevent bots and other online attacks from reaching your site. We will set up and monitor your website firewall and login security to ensure that no brute force or known attacks occur on your site.

ReCAPTCHA or another anti-spam plugin

Everyone’s promising improved (search) positions – but making sure that ReCAPTCHA or an alternative anti-spam plugin is active will prevent spam from being sent from your website contact forms.

WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates

Out-of-date WordPress core, theme or plugins are the number one cause of aspects of your site not working as expected. They also contribute to an increased risk of security breaches and can slow down your website as new best practices emerge.

Through WP Engine’s Smart Plugin Manager, we’re able to ensure that all aspects of your site are kept up to date.

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Service Options

We’ve designed our website maintenance service options to suit how involved you are with your website.

Website Monitoring and Maintenance

If you’re keen to keep your website ticking over smoothly and don’t require ongoing content or ad-hoc support and advice, our website maintenance service is ideal for you.

For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to all the above tools and an online dashboard to keep track of key stats.

We don’t include any additional site management, ad-hoc changes or support time in this service, however, if you want these, we will provide a quote and charge time at our hourly rate.

Starting at $80/month

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Managed Website Maintenance and Optimisation

For our managed website maintenance, you get access to all the tools above, as well as dedicated management time per month. This management time can include providing ad-hoc updates and advice, development or support for your site.

This is suitable for clients who are actively updating their website, or who are working with us across other marketing services.

Starting from $480/month

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Website Maintenance Clients

Important Notes

Threesides only provide website monitoring and maintenance for WordPress websites hosted with WP Engine. We can provide quotes for maintenance and support for non-WP Engine hosted websites, provided we have access to your website hosting. If you are not using WordPress, Threesides can provide ad-hoc support on a site-by-site basis.