Canberra’s award-winning distillery – Underground Spirits – has today released its new limited release Spring Gin, enGINeered – from root to flower. The finished result is a meticulously crafted celebration of spring.

“This is the first time we have done anything quite like this, and it is something to really get excited about,” said Underground Spirits’ CEO Claudia Roughley.

“We wanted to create something really light and beautiful to lift the moods of the nation right now, in what is a particularly difficult time with much of the country’s population currently in lockdown. We wanted to bring a little spring beauty to all, and we wanted to do it in a way to inspire further considerations for low waste in our lives” Claudia continued.

enGINeered – from root to flower, is a pretty nod to spring and its floral beauty and was truly inspired by low waste practices. Off the back of their recent Ad Crescendum var Flosferam Gin collaboration with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Underground Spirits is really proving itself as an innovative distillery doing some very interesting things in the field.

“What we’ve really taken on board since our Gardens’ collaboration is that plants shouldn’t be wasted, and we wanted to ensure that what parts of various plants CAN safely be used in gin-making, were completely utilised. It’s about using what we have, and doing it thoughtfully,” said Underground’s Distiller, Stewart Dobson.

“In this release we have used everything possible – the root, stem, leaves, petals and stamen. It was really interesting to piece it all together, to engineer something new, something beautiful and something using low waste practices” Stewart continued.

The process of making enGINeered was quite experimental, reminiscent of making perfume with the components worked and reworked. Some interesting botanicals used include Violet Leaf, Lotus, Burdock, Elder Flower, Saffron, Rosella, Rosehip, Blue Cornflower and Jasmine.

“It really is an anthology of flowers, and something that we know will inspire people to get out in their gardens and enjoy what’s growing around them.  Right now, a huge portion of Australia is in lockdown and many people are turning to gardening as a pastime, to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine, to keep busy and to take pride and joy in what they can grow at home.

“Australians can celebrate their gardens, gardening and sipping this delightful spring gin. And despite world events happening right now, mother nature will still turn on a glorious spring, and great things continue to grow out of Canberra,” concluded Claudia.

enGINeered – from root to flower, is now on sale online direct from undergroundspirits.com.au and at speciality independent liquor retailers and bottle shops in Canberra.

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Underground Spirits’, enGINeered – from root to flower – is this award-winning distillery’s interesting and delicate new limited release gin for Spring 2021.

enGINeered is a floral release, a pretty nod to spring and its floral beauty, and is created using low-waste goals. The concept showcases the whole of the flower – with everything from root, stem, leaves, petals and stamen considered. The finished result is a meticulously crafted celebration of spring.

What the name means:  

 enGINeered is the follow up to last year’s Underground Spirits spring release, reimaGINed, which was also delivered when part of the country was in lockdown and played on a reimagining Underground Spirits gin to bring in different flavours and colours – it was the brand’s first ever pink gin.

In 2021, the name for the spring time release again uses word play in enGINeered, this year looking at all the different components that comprise a gin, how they are brought together and thoughtfully to create something entirely new.

As the label says   – it’s an anthology of flowers, a collection of extracts.

Botanicals used:  

  • Lavender – petals.
  • Violet – leaf.
  • Lotus – stem.
  • Burdock – root.
  • Elderflower – flower.
  • Wattleseed – seed.
  • Saffron – stamen.
  • Rosella (Hibiscus) – petal.
  • Rosehip – fruit.
  • Blue Cornflower – petal.
  • Jasmine – bud.
  • Angelica – root.
  • Coriander – seeds.
  • Juniper – seed cone.

Tasting notes
This gin has floral and nectar notes accompanying hints of earthy and grassy tones, upholding that each and every part of the flower has a place in our admirable tasting gin. 

enGINeered – from root to flower, is available online now at undergroundspirits.com.au and at various specialty retailers throughout Canberra.

$85.00 – 700ml. 40% ABV.

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